Aisbox Team


DJ Nick
DJ Nick
DJ Nick is a music enthusiasts who deeply enjoys listening to music and even more playing it. DJ Nick, currently a student studying business, frequently plays at events in his community. His uncompromising dedication and passion for his art is steadily driving him to becoming one of the best DJs.

DJ Bally is a young energetic youth that loves to dance and play music. He has participated in several competitions and social events with music he crafted himself. His strong desires to be an engineer is integrated into his performances with precision to create brilliant musical art. DJ Bally
DJ Bally

DJ Flamez
DJ Manny
DJ Flamez, in a word: Socialite. If there is a group people laughing uncontrollable, chances are he is at its epicenter. An aspiring chef, Flamez makes his performances exciting the right blend of timing, experimentation and a hint of craziness.


Marketing Team

Nyron Labeach
Mr. Labeach enjoys interacting and working with people everywhere he travels. He has a natural talent for quickly relating to others. He is passionate about creating and exploring new ideas. His determination and relentless efforts in his endeavors are inspiring and motivating to the team.

Mr. Rattigan is an entrepreneur venturing in various endeavours like R & S Book Store, Sport Spot and an after school evening programs. He enjoys playing football, listening to music and finding ways to make everyone around him laugh. He frequently helps others in need to the best of his capabilities. Kaymar Rattigan